About ABC Symposium

History in Brief

In 2001, the 4th Korea-Japan Science and Technology Forum was held in Seoul. One of its agreements was that both countries should collaborate to hold a bioinformatics training course in order to educate students in this field from the two countries. On the basis of this agreement, the first training course was held in Japan as "The 1st Japan-Korea Bioinformatics Training Course" in 2002. This annual course continued between Japan and Korea until the 4th course in 2005.

From the 5th course in 2006, it expanded to include China as well, and has continued ever since. In 2015, its nature has been changed from training course to symposium, and was thus named as "China-Japan-Korea Bioinformatics Symposium". Since the three countries take turns hosting the annual course, the alphabetical order of the C, J, and K is rearranged each year, in the order of hosting country of the current year, that of the next year, and that of the year after next.

From the 17th symposium in 2019, it was renamed as ABC (Asian Bioinformatics Consortium) Symposium.

Main Organizers

The ABC Symposium is organized by the following institutions.

China Japan Korea
SCBIT (Shanghai Center for Bioinformation Technology) NIG (National Institute of Genetics) KOBIC (Korean Bioinformation Center) at KRIBB (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology)

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